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BBQ Grill Accessory Tools

Posted by bbqgrillparts on February 1, 2010

BBQ grill accessories are made to make life more convenient.  Personally, I had stopped grilling flaky white fish years ago.  Then I was with friends who used a grilling basket with marinated tilapia.  It was great:  the fish marinated overnight, it was laid into a basket that held it tightly in place and the whole basket went into the barbeque.  Beautiful!  Flip the basket, move the basket — no more using tongs or a spatula on the grill that sometimes broke the filet.  Now I have several baskets and they all adjust for different styles of grilling and different sized foods.

bbq grill parts fish basket

bbq grill parts fish basket

bbq grill basket for burgers

bbq grill basket for burgers

Baskets are even available for mounting on the barbeque rotisserie spit rod.  Rotisserie spit baskets — great for tumbling chicken wings or mounting any kind of a filet.

grill parts rotisserie basket

grill parts rotisserie basket

BBQ grill toppers are like using a griddle or a wok but they have holes all over the structure that allow heat to rise through and grease drips out.  These are perfect for vegetables that otherwise may fall through cooking grids and get lost.

grill parts bbq topper

grill parts bbq topper

Chicken roasters are accessories based on the idea f broiling beer-can chicken.  For those of you who may not know, beer can chicken is a process of cooking with gas that — contrary to the typical result of gas barbeque — adds a lot of flavor normally associated with charcoal-wood barbeque smoking.  Beer can chicken can also be barbecued on a charcoal-wood smoker but using a gas grill really demonstrates the amount of flavor sacrificed with the convenience of gas bbq’s.

When a gas barbeque heats up to a temperature that it can cook it is by closing the hood and allowing heat to build up inside the hood.  When food cooks, it heats like a broiler or a convection oven with hot air.  Hot air can cause food to sweat and dries out whatever is cooking unless the barbeque is hot enough to sear the outside layer of the food and lock the moisture inside.  Few barbeques have the ability to get ove one thousand degrees so most barbeques cause a lot of dripping durng heating and dripping causes flavor-loss and a mess to be cleaned later.

To counter this process with a whole chcken a beer can is used inside the cavity of the bird.  Cut the top of the can off the beer can and pour some of the beer out for basting.  In the half-filled beer can toss in your favorite rub or combination of spices.  I use a lot of pepper and hot sauce with thyme and rosemary.  As the hot ait surrounds the chicken and forces the moisture out from the outer layer, the temperature rises inside the birds cavity and the beer steams and marinades from the inside out.  Baste the beer mix that was poured out to get some of the flavor and texture on the skin.

beer can chicken roasts with a beer can inside the cavity of the bird

beer can chicken roasts with a beer can inside the cavity of the bird

Wood Planks.  Wood planks are good for added flavor on a gas grill because of the convectional heat pulling moisture out of barbecuing food.  Soak a wood plank in water over night.  Place chicken, fish (especially good with cedar planks and salmon) or other food directly on the plank in the barbeque and cook with a slightly lower temperature than normal.  As the moisture is pulled out of the filet, the food will pull the moisture out of the wood.  The result is a wood-flavored after-taste not as strong as the smoky flavor created by smoking.

Have fun.


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