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Kenmore Gas Grills at Sears and BBQ Grill Replacement Parts

Posted by bbqgrillparts on July 8, 2010

In the world of home appliances, Kenmore has become one of America’s favorites. In fact, almost 33% of all American homes contain at least one Kenmore appliance! Since Kenmore’s first appliance emerged in 1927, the Sears brand has continually added to its lines of appliances, which today includes quality barbecue grills. After purchasing a Kenmore grill, you may need to buy replacement parts. Here are some considerations to make:

1. Stainless steel or painted steel construction

For many barbecue enthusiasts, convenience is the most important feature when choosing a barbecue grill. If that describes your priorities, then consider a barbecue grill that’s constructed of stainless steel. While such Kenmore grills may have a higher price tag than other models (and replacement parts), they definitely provide some practical benefits. The stainless steel construction prevents corrosion, staining, and rusting. You’ll probably want your barbecue grill to last for several years, and one way to achieve that goal is to buy a Kenmore grill that’s made of stainless steel. Not only is this material built-to-last, but it’s also easier to clean.

2. Back/side burners

Burners are effective when you need to do some secondary cooking aside from grilling. These burners can be located on the side or back section of the barbecue grill, they have the same function. Yes, if you choose Kenmore barbecue grills with burners, then you’ll potentially have extra spare parts to secure. On the other hand, the burners will add variety to your barbecue grill cooking, allowing you to do multiple types of cooking while using a single appliance.

One of the latest technologies for burners is the infrared burner. This technology provides an optimum amount of heat when using the burner. Infrared burners are fairly new to barbecue grills, but they can definitely make cooking with your grill more effective.

3. Electronic ignition

This feature is crucial if you want to limit the number of hassles that you encounter when firing up your barbecue grill. It can be somewhat embarrassing when you have guests and you’re unable to use your grill because it won’t start. While the parts needed for the electronic ignition are more complex than the standard variety, this feature is certainly worthwhile. With the touch of a button you can start grilling away!

4. Grids

If your grill’s grid isn’t a quality one, then you may need to replace it soon after buying the grill. Look for grills that are sturdy, and resistant to rust and stains. Stainless steel grids are certainly some of the best ones that you can choose. Buying a barbecue grill with an inferior grid isn’t worth the money you’d save. After factoring in the hassles of cleaning or replacing the grid, you’ll realize that such grids simply aren’t worthwhile.

5. Gas or propane grills

These two types of grills operate differently, so their replacement parts would also differ. Weigh the pros and cons before choosing one.

6. Type of burner

“H” burners are the most common type found on gas barbecue grills. As you might guess, they resemble the letter “H” (that’s lying on its side). The oval-shaped burner is another common type found on today’s grills. Meanwhile, more intricate shapes include “bar”, “figure 8” and “bowtie” burners. Another type of burner has an individual burner for individual controls on the grill. These are referred to as “tube”, “rail”, or “pipe” burners. These burners tend to be straight since they only heat a single section of the barbecue grill.

7. Infrared burner

This type of burner is more intricate than one found on a traditional barbecue grill. Due to the more complex mechanisms, the cost of replacement parts will also be higher. But if you want your burners to heat hotter, then it’s a wise choice. When you need extremely hot temperatures, the infrared burners are your best bet. But if you need a wider range of cooking temperatures, then a traditional burner would be ideal for you. How do infrared burners work? Infrared energy is invisible light that has a specific wavelength frequency. It produces an ideal type of heat for cooking.

For over 80 years, Kenmore has been producing quality appliances, including barbecue grills. Remember that the Kenmore grill that you choose will impact which replacement parts you may need in the future.


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BBQ Grill Accessory Tools

Posted by bbqgrillparts on February 1, 2010

BBQ grill accessories are made to make life more convenient.  Personally, I had stopped grilling flaky white fish years ago.  Then I was with friends who used a grilling basket with marinated tilapia.  It was great:  the fish marinated overnight, it was laid into a basket that held it tightly in place and the whole basket went into the barbeque.  Beautiful!  Flip the basket, move the basket — no more using tongs or a spatula on the grill that sometimes broke the filet.  Now I have several baskets and they all adjust for different styles of grilling and different sized foods.

bbq grill parts fish basket

bbq grill parts fish basket

bbq grill basket for burgers

bbq grill basket for burgers

Baskets are even available for mounting on the barbeque rotisserie spit rod.  Rotisserie spit baskets — great for tumbling chicken wings or mounting any kind of a filet.

grill parts rotisserie basket

grill parts rotisserie basket

BBQ grill toppers are like using a griddle or a wok but they have holes all over the structure that allow heat to rise through and grease drips out.  These are perfect for vegetables that otherwise may fall through cooking grids and get lost.

grill parts bbq topper

grill parts bbq topper

Chicken roasters are accessories based on the idea f broiling beer-can chicken.  For those of you who may not know, beer can chicken is a process of cooking with gas that — contrary to the typical result of gas barbeque — adds a lot of flavor normally associated with charcoal-wood barbeque smoking.  Beer can chicken can also be barbecued on a charcoal-wood smoker but using a gas grill really demonstrates the amount of flavor sacrificed with the convenience of gas bbq’s.

When a gas barbeque heats up to a temperature that it can cook it is by closing the hood and allowing heat to build up inside the hood.  When food cooks, it heats like a broiler or a convection oven with hot air.  Hot air can cause food to sweat and dries out whatever is cooking unless the barbeque is hot enough to sear the outside layer of the food and lock the moisture inside.  Few barbeques have the ability to get ove one thousand degrees so most barbeques cause a lot of dripping durng heating and dripping causes flavor-loss and a mess to be cleaned later.

To counter this process with a whole chcken a beer can is used inside the cavity of the bird.  Cut the top of the can off the beer can and pour some of the beer out for basting.  In the half-filled beer can toss in your favorite rub or combination of spices.  I use a lot of pepper and hot sauce with thyme and rosemary.  As the hot ait surrounds the chicken and forces the moisture out from the outer layer, the temperature rises inside the birds cavity and the beer steams and marinades from the inside out.  Baste the beer mix that was poured out to get some of the flavor and texture on the skin.

beer can chicken roasts with a beer can inside the cavity of the bird

beer can chicken roasts with a beer can inside the cavity of the bird

Wood Planks.  Wood planks are good for added flavor on a gas grill because of the convectional heat pulling moisture out of barbecuing food.  Soak a wood plank in water over night.  Place chicken, fish (especially good with cedar planks and salmon) or other food directly on the plank in the barbeque and cook with a slightly lower temperature than normal.  As the moisture is pulled out of the filet, the food will pull the moisture out of the wood.  The result is a wood-flavored after-taste not as strong as the smoky flavor created by smoking.

Have fun.

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grill parts for sale

Posted by bbqgrillparts on November 17, 2009

What we do:

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BBQ Grill Parts

Posted by bbqgrillparts on November 17, 2009

The Grill Parts Blog is here to share content related to maintaining and enjoying your gas barbeque grill.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments by posting on any page.

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infrared gas grill island

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